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Mia Valgranda

Afframont lake

2022-09-02 16:09

Massimo Strumia

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Afframont lake

This summer I had planned an excursion to the Unghiasse lakes. The first attempt, organized with my brother Fabrizio, included two days a

This summer I had planned an excursion to the Unghiasse lakes. The first attempt, organized with my brother Fabrizio, included two days in July, with start from Vonzo, overnight at the Alpe Vailet bivouac and passage, during the second day of trekking, to the Seone, Unghiasse, Fertà and Vercellina lakes with final landing at the Rivotti. Unfortunately the program was canceled due to some small health problems of Fabrizio, fortunately solved after a few days.

The second attempt, limited to the Unghiasse lakes only in a single day, was planned with my partner Giulia and with Maurizio and Annalisa, a couple of dear friends. Also in this case nothing to do for the lack of some preparation trekking on the legs and for an annoying knee problem of Annalisa. But an excursion had to be done absolutely and therefore I proposed to Giulia, Annalisa and Maurizio a less demanding trekking in Val d'Ala: the Afframont lake. Start from Balme, for a path that includes about 600 meters of altitude.

Despite the abundant rains of the previous night, the path is very easy. Only the presence of a common frog among the vegetation suggests that the humidity rate is higher than usual.


We arrive at lake Afframont in less than two hours, the view abundantly rewards us for the effort made! Since during the walk we have done nothing but talk about food, restaurants and food and wine tourism, we immediately attack our packed lunch.

While we eat, we have fun throwing a few small pieces of bread into the lake to see the minnows flocking to them to devour them.

We have finally quenched our hunger (big ugly beast!), it's time to take some photos and relax a bit. To ruine our plans a few drops of rain begin to fall, a group of boys leave the shores of the lake to come back to Balme. We realize that it is time for us to go back too.


While sipping a drink in a bar in Ala di Stura, Giulia, Annalisa and Maurizio, who had never seen Lake Afframont, declare themselves very satisfied with the beautiful day in the mountains. I'm happy too but the trekking to the Unghiasse lakes is only postponed!

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