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Mia Valgranda


2022-03-16 10:15

Massimo Strumia

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This winter I planned to do some trekking with snowshoes but very little snow fell. During a small hike a few weeks ago there was

This winter I planned to do some trekking with snowshoes but very little snow fell. During a small hike a few weeks ago it was even 18 degrees at almost 2,000 meters above sea level!

With these premises, I was lucky to finally find, last Sunday, the classic winter mood. To keep me company on this occasion my brother Fabrizio and his daughter Valentina who, always curious about new experiences, is perhaps becoming passionate about the mountains. As they say in these cases ... who will live will see!

Target of this short trekking, the beatiful Chiappili village. A village that no longer has permanent residents as it did a few decades ago but which, over the years, has been the subject of an intelligent renovation that has combined the classic external appearance of the alpine villages with a modernization of the internal rooms to allow every modern comfort.

Among the villages of the Val Grande di Lanzo, the same virtuous process concerned also Alboni and Vonzo, the starting point of our short excursion (just over 200 meters in altitude).


To reach the Chiappili, we opt for the lighter private road, which allows those who have a house near the village to arrive by car, rather than the steep path. After half an hour of walking we arrive at our destination. The alpine village is always enchanting, perhaps even more than usual under a thin blanket of snow. Valentina is pleasantly struck by a couple of very colorful benches that contribute to the pleasantness of the place.

The position of these villages guarantees a much higher solar irradiation than in the valley bottom villages such as Chialamberto, Groscavallo and Cantoira.


Time to drink hot tea and eat a sandwich. It's time to go back. I promised Andrea, the son of my partner Giulia, that I would be back in time in Brianza to watch the football match that will see him as the protagonist.

As we load the backpacks on our shoulders and are about to come back to Vonzo, a timid snowfall begins ... better late than never!

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