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Mia Valgranda

DJI Mini 2

2022-02-14 14:50

Massimo Strumia

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DJI Mini 2

A few weeks ago I bought my first drone, the DJI Mini 2. I got a quadcopter because I would like to try making some short videos and

A few weeks ago I have purchased my first drone, the DJI Mini 2. I took a quadcopter because I would like to try to make some short videos and, above all, take some photos from perspectives that are excluded if you use

the classic mirrorless or reflex camera.

Tha advantage to have a drone that falls into the weight category of less than 250 grams (such as the DJI Mini 2) is that of not being obliged to obtain a license and being able to fly the drone even over built-up areas. Other obligations remain, such as having to register on D-Flight (the Italian company responsible for the management and control of civil air traffic in Italy) and take out insurance.

In general, some rules must also be followed such as not being able to exceed a height of 120 meters, always keep visual contact with your drone and consult the maps of D-Flight to understand if

it is allowed to fly the drone in the chosen areas.

It must always be clear in mind that a drone is not a toy and it is necessary to use intelligence when we fly!

The afore mentioned weight below 250 grams, apart from the regulatory advantages already listed, also offers advantages in terms of weight on the shoulders and space occupied in our backpack

when we are going to hike in the mountains ... a reason far from be secondary!

Despite a relatively affordable price compared to more professional drones, the DJI Mini 2 has very interesting features such as good wind resistance, the OcuSync 2 transmission protocol (much better than the Wi -Fi), videos in 4K at 30 fps and photos in Raw format. There is no shortage of weak points such as the lack of sensors on this quadcopter. This means that the drone will not avoid obstacles automatically and a pilot with a minimum of experience will be required. In this regard, if you decide to buy the DJI Mini 2, I recommend that you spend a few euros more to activate the DJI Care Refresh, a guarantee that provides for two quadcopter replacements for the first 12 months in case of accidents ... I've already used it! :-)

If anyone has any questions about this small drone I will be happy to answer in the comments below, I would just like to add that the small 1 / 2.3 '' CMOS sensor, 12MP that comes with this quadcopter offers a image quality not even remotely comparable to that of modern full-frame mirrorless cameras.

In a nutshell ... to have good results with your photos and videos you need a lot of light!


I'm certainly not a videomaker but below you can watch a short video I made in Val Grande a few weeks ago with the DJI Mini 2. Considering they are the first experiments, I think the potential of this little drone is very interesting.

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