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Mia Valgranda

Week-end in Venice

2021-10-12 19:45

Massimo Strumia

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Week-end in Venice

I hadn't been to Venice for many years. My memories go back to two/three trips made at a very young age, when attention and a taste for beauty

I had not been to Venice for many years. My memories go back to two/three trips made at a very young age, when the attention and taste for beauty were not developed as I am now. It must

be one of the few advantages of advancing age!

The opportunity to return to the Serenissima came last weekend but the weekend programming dates back to June, when I decided

to give this mini-vacation to my partner.

Giulia had never been to Venice and really wanted to visit it but I would be a liar if I said that the idea of seeing this city again, unique in the world, did not intrigue me too much. The occasion was particularly propitious because of this pandemic era, which seems to be slowly ending but still keeps a lot of people away from the most famous tourist destinations. Mind you, in Venice there are always a lot of people but perhaps a little more less than at other times.

We have dedicated almost the whole day of Saturday to visit the islands of Murano (famous for the glass masters) and Burano. The latter, famous for its lace, is particularly beautiful, with its colorful houses that give it a very special and interesting aspect.

Sunday started very early for me. In fact, I took advantage of the scarce presence of people to take some shots at Piazza San Marco before dawn. After breakfast, Giulia and I ventured into the calli to savor the unique atmosphere of this city ... wherever you turn you can see enchanting views!

We also did not miss the most classic destinations such as the Rialto bridge , Piazza San Marco, the Accademia bridge, etc ...

What can I say? It was a really nice weekend, Giulia fell in love with Venice. How to blame her!


I plan to return to Venice within a few years. For the next time I would like to exclude the tour of the islands and dedicate myself exclusively to the city. In particular I would also like to shoot it at night because, if it

is true that Venice during the day is splendid, at night it becomes truly magical! Closed the Venetian parenthesis, starting from the next post I will start talking about our Val Grande again. Here comes the period of the colorful autumn foliage and I really hope to take some nice shots!

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