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Mia Valgranda

The eight mountains - Paolo Cognetti

2021-09-29 16:40

Massimo Strumia

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The eight mountains - Paolo Cognetti

With this post I am introducing a new blog section on mountain books. I do not have the skills to be a literary critic, much less the claims, so

With this post I am introducing a new blog section on mountain books. I do not have the skills to be a literary critic, let alone the pretensions, so you have to take these articles as a simple sharing of a passion that unites us and as free opinions, without any desire to represent The Word.

Having made this necessary introduction, I must say that the book, with which I inaugurate this new category of my blog, I really liked a lot ... no ifs and buts!

Winner of the 'Premio Strega ' in 2017, it is called 'The eight mountains ' and the author is Paolo Cognetti, a writer who is also appreciated for other books. It tells the story of two boys: Pietro, a very reserved child who lives in Milan, and Bruno, a little boy who lives in Grana, an imaginary town but located by the author in a very real context like that of the mountains surrounding the Monte Rosa. Very different from each other, they meet in Grana because Pietro spends the summer holidays there with their parents and they develop a deep friendship that will accompany them for the entire course of their life.

The book is well written, with dry, precise and powerful prose that is somewhat reminiscent of Hemingway's books. It describes the mountain not only in terms of spectacular peaks, magnificent woods and breathtaking views but above all as a way of life, almost as if

it were a world apart. A world made of sacrifice, sweat and fatigue, cloaked in a veil of melancholy.

Both the protagonists of the book have a very strong, I would say almost visceral, bond with the mountain. Bruno never leaves it while Pietro needs to come back periodically, as if an invisible rope kept him attached to his beloved mountains.

Pietro's relationship with his father, a man with a difficult and grumpy character, is also very well outlined.

The book on Amazon is at 12.35 euros ... definitely money well spent!

The eight mountains - Paolo Cognetti - Einaudi editions

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