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Mia Valgranda

Lakes of Sagnasse

2021-08-07 10:56

Massimo Strumia

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Lakes of Sagnasse

Valerio Giraudo is a friend who, like me, has been vacationing in Chialamberto for over 50 years. We have a sort of tacit agreement for which, every

Valerio Giraudo is a friend who, like me, has been vacationing in Chialamberto for over 50 years.

We have a sort of tacit agreement for which, every summer, we play at least an hour of tennis together. Since I play tennis pretty well, I take advantage of it. always to 'pull it off ' a bit ... Phrases like 'I don't know if I can play with a Toro supporter' or 'Have you improved this year?

Last year I didn't have much fun with Juventus and my tennis is decreased with my growing age. So I decided to put the question in other words. To his question 'Shall we book an hour of tennis? ' I replied that I would accept if he accompanied me on a trekking in the mountains. Said and done. Actually we would have played tennis anyway but Valerio doesn't need to know it!

The agreed destination for our trekking are the Sagnasse lakes, an excursion starting from the beautiful Rivotti village (Groscavallo), which has about 600 meters in altitude.

The trekking starts along the famous 'balcony path ', a mule track that overlooks the high Val Grande and offers spectacular views.


Arrived at a certain point, a sign indicating the Sagnasse lakes tells us that we must leave the wide mule track to follow a path leading to the lakes. It is the last half hour of effort for a trekking that took us in total two hours of ascension.

We proceed towards the upper lake of Sagnasse which presents itself in all its beauty, with white eriofori (alpine flowers that grow in proximity of lakes) to surround its shores. Time to take some photos and taste pastries of meliga and torcetti from the Lanzo valleys, kindly offered by Valerio and we go down to the lower lake.

This lake, characterized by a greater flow of water, is even more beautiful than the other . Along its banks you can see the minnows swimming in shallow water while in the middle of the lake you can see rising of trouts on the unlucky insects that land on the surface of the water.


The return is fast and at 11.30 we are already back in Chialamberto. Valerio seems satisfied with the excursion and tells me that the nice hike will allow him to enjoy a nice lunch at the Setugrino restaurant in Pialpetta.

A nice way to spend a morning!

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