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Mia Valgranda

Gias Nuovo Camp

2021-08-04 16:00

Massimo Strumia

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Gias Nuovo Camp

This summer seems not to want to put judgment! Rain, cold ... certainly not the time one hopes to find when a holiday period begins

This summer seems just not wanting to put judgment! Rain, cold ... certainly not the time that a person hopes to find when a holiday period begins. But me and the young Andrea are not the types who let themselves be discouraged so easily and we have already decided itinerary of tomorrow's excursion: the Gias Nuovo camp in the wild and magnificent environment of the Sea valley.

Wake up early in the morning, also because we intend to do the usual quick patrol in search of roe deers near Chialamberto. Achieved the goal we go to Forno Alpi Graie to start our trekking.

The second meadow is really beautiful, surrounded by overhanging walls that have always made sport climbing enthusiasts happy.



After almost three hours of walking, we arrive at the last meadow at the end of which is located the camp. The alarm whistles of the marmots welcome us and I entertain myself for a while to photograph the wheatear fluttering from rock to rock under the careless gaze of the grazing cows.

The small building, not to be confused with the Nino Soardi camp located at 300 meters of elevation gain higher, was built only a few years ago. Entirely built in wood, it offers about ten beds and, thanks to some solar panels, it is equipped with internal lighting. Definitely an excellent base for longer trekking!


While we munch on some biscuits, kindly offered by a person who lives in the cabins near the camp (never forget to put some food in your backpack!), I think that this somewhat cloudy weather certainly

has positive sides. In fact, the low clouds that invade the alpine meadow offer a spectacle that the classic sunny day would never have given.

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