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Mia Valgranda

miavalgranda on Instagram

2021-07-20 15:36

Massimo Strumia

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miavalgranda on Instagram

A very short post to inform you that from today I have inaugurated an instagram profile closely linked to this website:

A very short post to inform you that from today I have inaugurated a instagram profile closely connected to this website:


You can also access this Instagram profile from the typical icon that you find on the header of each page of this website. The icon immediately below the buttons to change the language in which you prefer to view the pages of the site.

Like others of my generation I am not very 'social' but you have to adapt a little to the changes that, in our current society, are very fast. The Instagram profile will certainly not replace www.miavalgranda.com, which will continue to host most of the content. It just wants to complement what you will continue to find here.

Since the times are right, I take this opportunity to wish everyone a wonderful holiday... of course I will spend it in Val Grande!

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