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Mia Valgranda

Sanctuary of the Madonna of Ciavanis

2021-07-12 22:07

Massimo Strumia

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Sanctuary of the Madonna of Ciavanis

For those who live in Chialamberto or simply spend holidays and weekends there, the excursion to Ciavanis is a real ' must '! Personally I do this beautiful

For those who live in Chialamberto or simply spend holidays and weekends there, the excursion to Ciavanis is a real must! Personally I do this beautiful trekking at least once a year, I've been there in every season, with sun and snow, with fog and rain.

For many people of my generation, this chapel has a considerable emotional value. In the 80s I used to go to Ciavanis, on the occasion of the famous race, to take time of the passages of the athletes. Those were the times when the home idol Beppe Genotti often won the race, setting the record for the Chialamberto-Ciavanis route (round trip) even with a time of 59 minutes. He's still undefeated.

In 2017 this historic race was restored (including only the ascent to Ciavanis) but Covid-19 forced the organizers to cancel the last


There are also many memories of trips made with friends in youth. The Ciavanis is also the scene of the annual festival of the same name, which is held in July and which includes the celebration of Holy Mass, a delicious "polentata" and an afternoon of dance, including traditional “curende ”.


Also this year I couldn't avoid my usual trekking and the opportunity presented itself with the Sunday just passed.

Reached the goal rather easily, even if the final steps are always felt in the legs, I took advantage of the beautiful day to photograph the marmots that live in the splendid surrounding plateau. In addition to the nice rodents, I was also able to take a couple of photos of some specimens of whitetail, a passerine bird typical of the alpine meadows.


The one in the sanctuary of the Madonna del Ciavanis is definitely a recommended trekkig. Starting from the beautiful village of Vonzo, the difference in height does not exceed 600 meters and the path, which through the wild and magnificent valley of the Rio della Paglia winds up to the chapel, is very well marked and visible.

It is also considered a good training for more demanding trekking.

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