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Mia Valgranda

Brianza lakes

2021-05-25 20:20

Massimo Strumia

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Brianza lakes

With this post I want to inaugurate a new section of my blog that I decided to call ' Not only Valgranda '. The focus of this website remains in

With this post I want to inaugurate a new section of my blog that I decided to call 'Not only Valgranda '. The focus of this website remains indissolubly centered on the Val Grande di Lanzo but, since I don't take photos only when I'm in my mountains, it seemed right create a category in which to tell the other photographic stories.

In the last few days I have dedicated a couple of short photographic raids to the Brianza lakes. In the first case I had set the alarm at 5 to arrive in time at the meeting, agreed for 5.30, with my friend Mauro Pasolini. The declared goal was to photograph the sunrise at the lake of Alserio.

We photographers are never happy with our shots and we always find ourselves some, more or less small, defect. Maybe it's valid also in this case but surely I had the luck (never taken for granted) to find rather favorable conditions.

At 7 I was already back home, in time to have breakfast and take Giulia to work and children to school. A nice way to start the day!


The second brief photo trip is even more recent and dates back to last Sunday. In this case I reached the village of Bosisio Parini, which was the birthplace of the famous neoclassical poet Giuseppe Parini, to photograph the sunset from the shores of Lake Pusiano.

In this case the situation seemed uninteresting when suddenly the sky was lit in an explosion of colors. The two photos below are taken less than three minutes apart from each other ... it's always amazing to see how the lights can change fast as the sun goes down!

In the small photo gallery at the foot of this article, you can see other older photos showing views and animals of these two lakes and the nearby lake of Annone.

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