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Mia Valgranda

Snow and roe deers

2021-04-19 23:00

Massimo Strumia

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Snow and roe deers

An italian philosopher writes: ' I saw a roe deer in the woods and its sweetness reconciled me with the world. “

Anacleto Verrecchia, a Italian philosopher and journalist, wrote: 'I saw a roe deer in the woods and its sweetness reconciled me with the world. “How to blame him? I like roe deers, I find them elegant in their agile movements, almost as if the force of gravity for them had a lower intensity than for most part of other animals. Furthermore I can only agree with the unknown (at least for myself) philosopher on the sweetness of their gaze.

This weekend I took advantage of spring snowfall on last Friday to take some photos of the roe deers immersed in a white context.

How to photograph these splendid ungulates? I try to give you what is my very personal recipe, without having the presumption to think that it is the only system or the best one.

Where to photograph them?

Fortunately, there are a lot of roe deers in Val Grande so there is plenty of choice. Personally I photographed them most of the times along the road that leads from Chialamberto to Vonzo.

When to photograph them?

They can be photographed throughout all the year but the most favorable season is certainly spring. In this period the roe deer, after the difficult winter, take advantage of the melting of the snow and the growth of the grass to feed and recover their strength. It happens that they are a little less fearful and that they can be photographed more easily. In summer the hordes of tourists do not facilitate the sighting of these animals while autumn, thanks to its beautiful colors, guarantees photos with an unbeatable environment. Furthermore, unlike spring, when roe deer lose part of their fur in view of the warm months, in autumn their fur is at the peak of its beauty. The problem of autumn coincides with the opening of the hunt, with all the obvious consequences that this entails. 

When it refers not only to the best season to photograph them but also to the most suitable time of day to bring some good shots at home. From this point of view, certainly the first hours after sunrise or those before sunset! In the central hours of the day the possibilities will decrease drastically.

How to photograph them?

For some years now (and after having done several) I have realized that long stalking in the shed is not the case for me. Undoubtedly this is the best way to photograph wild animals but I much prefer, by nature and character, the wanderingphotographic hunt. Most of the photos I took of roe deer I took from inside the car, almost as if it were a local safari.The advantages of taking photos from the car are those of a less invasive approach towards these animals, which is not they must be absolutely disturbed in their feeding activity. Roe deer are partially accustomed to cars plying the streets and in this way the disturbance caused to them is quite reduced. From a technical point of view cameras with good focus and a fairly fast and prolonged burst are useful. Given that you often shoot in difficult lighting conditions, a good high ISO hold is also certainly useful. Therefore, cameras with fullframe sensors are better than those equipped with smaller sensors such as apsc or microfour thirds. A mention also to the optics to use: absolutely telephoto lenses, better if starting from 300mm and going up.

I hope these little notions can help you if you decide to photograph (or even simply observe) the roe deer in Val Grande. See you next time!

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