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Canon R6 - First look

2021-04-11 19:00

Massimo Strumia

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Canon R6 - First look

A few days ago I bought the Canon R6, a mirrorless camera with a 20 megapixels fullframe sensor. This camera is part of the

A few days ago I bought the Canon R6, a mirrorless camera with a 20 megapixels fullframe sensor. This camera is part of Canon's latest R system, which features mirrorless cameras with the new RF mount for the lenses. RF mount replaces the old EF mount of reflex cameras. What are the advantages of the new mount? And above all ... what are the advantages of mirrorless cameras compared to the 'old ' reflex cameras? Briefly the advantage of the new and larger mount consists in the possibility of creating sharper and more performing lenses, thanks also to the greater number of pins dedicated to the communication between the camera and the attached lens.

The advantages of mirrorless cameras over DSLRs are numerous, the most important are:


- the possibility of producing smaller and lighter camera bodies than reflex cameras thanks to the absence of the mirror

- the ability to focus on any point of the frame instead of the only central area

- the certainty of previewing the final image in the viewfinder, exactly

as it will be after pressing the shutter button

- better performance on the video side


It's obvious that even the enthusiast mountain photographer will enjoy taking lighter equipment during trekking and having more facilities in the composition of the image and in its correct exposure.

To be honest, DSLRs still have some points in favor, such as a more durable battery and especially the optical viewfinder instead of the digital viewfinder (actually a small LCD screen) of mirrorless cameras.

Anyway thanks to continuous advances in technology the situation is fastly evolving. The future is mirrorless!

What prompted me to buy the Canon R6 were the big limitations in wildlife photography of the Canon RP, my other camera, also belonging to the Canon R system. The Canon RP is a good camera but its reduced burst (4 shots per second) and its autofocus, extremely accurate in 'one shot ' mode but too slow in continuous focus mode, do not allow valid and constant performances when practicing action photography.

As I wrote before I own the R6 for a few days and it will take months of intense use before I can write a review on its qualities and defects, at least for my style of photographing .

First impressions are very positive. The ergonomics make the transition very easy for those people coming from Canon reflex cameras such as those of the historic 5D series. The dials and controls have remained almost the same and also the menus for settings are very similar to those well conceived of the Canon cameras.

The viewfinder, although digital, is bright and offers a beautiful definition and the LCD monitor, fully orientable, has an excellent resolution. The burst reaches the excellent 12 shots per second with mechanical shutter and even 20 shots per second in electronic shutter mode.

I'm happy but I know very well that bad results rarely depend on the equipment but almost always they are due to the photographer.

A reality that is all too clear to me!

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