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Mia Valgranda


2021-01-27 17:26

Massimo Strumia

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Usually, as the rules of good manners dictate, the first blog post is the one in which introductions are made. Who am I

Usually, as the rules of good manners dictate, the first blog post is the one in which introductions are made. Who am I to be the classic exception to the rule? None, so I just have to proceed: My name is Massimo Strumia, I was born on January 5, 1968 in Turin but I live in Brianza from more than 40 years.

Despite to live in Lombardy, my link with Piedmont remain very strong and, in particular, very strong is the link with the Val Grande of Lanzo. In Val Grande, specifically in Chialamberto, I have a house inherited from my parents in which I spend most of my summer holidays and several weekends for each year. My grandparents lived in the valley My grandmother Elvira Tonietta went to school in Bussoni, a hamlet of Chialamberto. My mother told me that my grandmother had walked the Alboni-Ceresole trekking in a single day, passing through the Col della Crocetta ... roundtrip!

My grandfather Quinto Chiariglione lived in Chialamberto, where his parents owned and managed the historic Albergo della Posta. He fought with the Alpine troops during the First World War. He was also awarded the silver medal for military valor for carrying out a heroic action at Mount Vodice, currently in Slovenian territory. To my grandfather and his brother Giorgio, also decorated for the heroism shown during the war, is also dedicated the main square of Chialamberto.

What can I say ... I'm afraid I didn't take anything from my grandparents! Probably I represent the classic generational gap! During the Second World War my mother and her sister also lived for a few years in Chialamberto. My grandparents had rightly transferred them to Val Grande in an attempt to secure them from the clashes between fascists and partisans and above all from the bombing of the allied aviation on Turin.

My father was not originally from Val Grande but he was always happy in Chialamberto. He liked to organize sporting events for

the local Pro Loco and, in my opinion, he was also very good.

All this long preamble to justify 'my' Valgranda. The valley is mainly of the valley dwellers who live it all year round but also of the vacationers who have frequented it for several decades. I feel a bit halfway between the two components and therefore I can say that it is also a bit (a little bit) of mine.

For some time I have been thinking about creating a website on the Val Grande di Lanzo. I am a great lover of wildlife photography and Val Grande, with its snow-capped peaks, verdant alpine meadows, centuries-old woods and the varied and abundant wildlife that populates it, represents a natural paradise that deserves to be promoted and published as much as possible. If, in my small way, I will be able to make a contribution, I will be happy.

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